Tendaiji Temple

Your mind gravitates to the ancient temple of northeast, where your soul can be cleansed.

The founding of Hachiyozan Tendaiji Temple the holy mountain of Michinoku was in 728 during the Nara period. It is one of the oldest temples of the Northeast and till this day a canter of this area’s Buddhist culture. In the old times there were many misfortunes such as the Haibutsu Kishaku movement which aimed to eliminate Buddhism from Japan. However the monk and famous writer Jakucho Setouchi took the place of 73rd chief priest in 1987, since then it has been lead to reconstruction. The “Aozora Sepo (sermon held under the sky)” of Jakucho Setouchi quickly become famous, and has attracted a large audience from all over the country. Locally Tendaiji Temple is called "Oyama" with great reverence and affection. As you approach the temple, a 1500 year old cassia tree, stone steps decorated with beautiful hydrangeas, and a small smiling Jizo will welcome you at the entrance. A Bodhisattva with an all forgiving smile in the main hall will heal your body and soul. The treasury is filled with Buddha statues, which have survived through history, such as the nationally designated important cultural property Avalokiteśvara statue. Many people gather for the Annual festivals of spring and autumn to dedicate portable shrines and the Japanese traditional dance Kagura.


Tendaiji Temple Information

33-1 Oyamakubo Joboji-machi Ninohe
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Tendaiji Temple
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There is a private parking lot a little ahead of the Museum of History and Folklore (large car parking are not allowed. Closed through December to March), and the parking lot of Tekiseisha (large car parking available)

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