Mt. Oritsumedake

The third highest mountain of Ninohe where the Himebotaru inhabit.

Mt. Oritsumedake is at the east of Ninohe and is like a folding screen which divides the Pacific Ocean coast and the inlands. It is a mountain with an altitude of 852.2m which is said that it formed between 250 million years to 100 million years ago. The Summit Observatory is blessed with a great view such as, the Isaribi of the Pacific Ocean, sunrises, the mountains of Hachimantai National Park and the Hakkoda mountain range. If the weather is right it is possible to see Mt. Iwate floating in a sea of clouds. Within the forest park near the summit there are the Morino Manabiya and Furusato Nature Park Center, where you can have fun learning about nature and forests. In addition, it has also been developed as a nature trail and auto-camping site, where you can enjoy the great outdoors.


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