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Joboji IC (interchange)

The entrance to Ninohe Joboji, where the journey to the Japanese lacquer village begins.

The first interchange after entering Hachinohe Expressway off Tohoku Expressway Ashiro JCT (junction) is Joboji IC (interchange). This road connects to the No. ...read more


Setouchi Jakucho Memorial hall

Here live the words of Jakucho

The honorary chief priest of Tendaiji, Jakucho Setouchi is a popular author and has many titles to her name, and her words have comfort and lead people through ...read more

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The makings of a true lacquerware, beginning with a single drop of lacquer.

Tekiseisha is a facility which exhibit and sells carefully selected lacquerwares which use “Joboji Coating”, located at the foot of Tendaiji Oyama. With the inc...read more


Joboji Museum of History and Folklore

Learning the way of life of past and present from Japanese lacquer.

Joboji Museum of History and Folklore at the entrance of Tendaiji Temple. Many cultural property specified documentation by the country and city are on display,...read more


Tendaiji Temple

Your mind gravitates to the ancient temple of northeast, where your soul can be cleansed.

The founding of Hachiyozan Tendaiji Temple the holy mountain of Michinoku was in 728 during the Nara period. It is one of the oldest temples of the Northeast an...read more

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Tendai Hot Spring

The hot spring which draws the mineral rich water from the virgin forest of Inaniwadake.

Tendai Hot Spring, named by the honorary head nun of Tendaiji, Jakucho Setouchi. It is a bathing and accommodations facility which uses “Gansyoubou”, the spring...read more


Inaniwadake Summit

A 360-degree panoramic view at the top of Ninohe.

Inaniwadake has an altitude of 1078m, is a part of Ou Mountains, and is the highest mountain in the Ninohe region. To the summit it takes about 45 minutes from ...read more


Inaniwadake Campsite

Refreshing plateau walks and camping under the stars.

Inaniwadake has a gentle slope and can be climbed by anyone. Half-way up, there is a campsite equipped with administrative buildings, cooking buildings and tent...read more


Spring water of Gansyoubou

A legendary spring at a mystical power spot.

At the foot of the sacred Inaniwadake Mountain there are an abundance of fresh water springs everywhere. One of which is the "Gansyoubou". There is a legend whi...read more


Mt. Oritsumedake

The third highest mountain of Ninohe where the Himebotaru inhabit.

Mt. Oritsumedake is at the east of Ninohe and is like a folding screen which divides the Pacific Ocean coast and the inlands. It is a mountain with an altitude ...read more


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