Kamemarojinjya Shrine

Is there a Zashikiwarashi? If you want to feel its presents.

The Name is Kamemaro.
In Kindaichi Onsen it is believed that there is the protective household deity “Zashikiwarashi”. The story behind it is this; In the Northern and Southern Dynasties era Madenokouji Fujifusa was chased to this land by Takauji Ashikaga. Madenokouji Fujifusa had two young children, and the oldest son was named Kamemaro. Young Kamemaro fell ill and died at the age of six. With his dying words the little boy said “I will protect our family till the end of the blood line”. Since then Kamemaro became a guardian angel, a protective household deity Zashikiwarashi.
Where did Kamemaro go?
The house the family lived was turned in to "Ryokufuso" inn, where the legend carried on until 2009 when the building burnt down. It is said that Kamemaro fled to the Kamemaro shrine located near the inn. Do you believe this story? Or is it just a legend?


Kamemarojinjya Shrine Information

41 Jichokawa Kindaichi Ninohe Iwate Prefecture
Name of Office
Kindaichi Onsen Ryokan Association
Phone Number
Round Time
30 min.
Official Site URL
Nearest Charger for EV
Kindaichi Onsen Center
Nearest Public Transport
Kindaichi Onsen Center bus stop (JR bus Tohoku)
Nearest Hotel
Ryoku Fu Sou

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