The makings of a true lacquerware, beginning with a single drop of lacquer.

Tekiseisha is a facility which exhibit and sells carefully selected lacquerwares which use “Joboji Coating”, located at the foot of Tendaiji Oyama. With the increase of demand for lacquerwares through Taisho to Showa era, “Oyama-goki” and other lacquerwares had spread though out the country and abroad. After the war there was a time when the lacquerware of Joboji was in danger of being lost forever, however today about 80% of domestic lacquer is made in Joboji. There are no other areas in japan that has the raw material and the ability to create a finished product, this is undeniably the beat lacquerware village of Japan. Lacquerware made at Joboji are very valuable and expensive. But they are very durable and can be repaired if put in the right hands. These lacquerwares that can be healed, are perfect for celebration gifs of any kind that are close to our everyday lives. At Tekiseisha which also serves as the workshop of Joboji Coting, there are lacquer decorating lessons and tours. Experience the wonders of lacquerwares firsthand.


Tekiseisha Information

23-9 Oyamanakamaeda Joboji-machi Ninohe
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◆ Business hours / 8:30 to 17:00 ◆ Close / year-end and New Year holidays, on Tuesdays from January to March
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