Overview of Ninohe

Overview of Ninohe

Overview of Ninohe

Ninohe is located at the north edge of Iwate Prefecture, the border with Aomori Prefecture. The population is approximately 29,000 people.

At the east edge of the city lies Mt. Oritsumedake and at the west edge lies Mt. Inaniwadake.

Mabechigawa River flows through the city joining with Appikawa River. Ninohe is a city where the beauty of natural treasures, historical treasures and cultural treasures can all be enjoyed.

Ninohe has such places as: Mt. Oritsumedake where one million fireflies dance fantastically, Basenkyo which has Japan’s largest pair of rocks Ogamiiwa and Megamiiwa, Mt. Inaniwadake which is rich with nature and has spring called Gansyoubou, Kunohe Castle the last battle ground before Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s unification where he fought Masazane Kunohe, Hayama Tendaiji Temple a 1,300 years old temple, Kindaichi Onsen where the legend of the fortune bringing spirit Zashikiwarashi still lives, and many others.

Such rich natural blessings as: Johoji Lacquerware made by Japan’s most produced lacquer, popular meat and fruit products of young chicken, Shorthorn Cattle, Sangenton Pork, apples, cherries and blueberries which are loved inside and outside of the prefecture and Local Sake made from Mt. Oritsumedake’s water can all be enjoyed.

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