Kindaichi Onsen Center Yu-yu-yu-Raku

The Hot Spring Center which inherits the tradition of "Hot Spring of the Samurai" of the Nanbu clan for four hundred years.

It’s more casual than you think! Kindaichi Onsen.
A bathing facility where you can casually enjoy the historic Kindaichi Onsen. Kindaichi Onsen’s water is hypotonic weakly alkaline and colorless and odorless, soft to the touch and said to be effective in relieving neuralgia and joint pains. There are bedrock baths that uses stones from Towada, Hiba baths filed with the fragrant of natural wood, also bubble baths and Neyu that can be enjoyed. The hotel has a free break room the size of 48 tatami mats wide, a dining room where local cuisines are served and there is also a farm-fresh market.


Kindaichi Onsen Center Yu-yu-yu-Raku Information

41 Yuda Kindaichi Ninohe
Name of Office
Kindaichi Onsen Center Yu-yu-yu-Raku
Phone Number
10:00 - 22:00
free for 200 cars
Official Site URL
Nearest Charger for EV
Kindaichi Onsen Center
Nearest Public Transport
Kindaichi Onsen Center bus stop (JR bus Tohoku)
Nearest Hotel
Kindaichi Hot Spring Village

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