Tetsuo Miura’s house

Where “Punpe To Yunohana (Punpe and Yunohana)” is sent in and where Tetsuo Miura lived.

Where Tetsuo Miura and his family once lived.
This is Tetsuo Miura’s father’s house. Tetsuo Miura lived in this house after his family moved here from Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture where they ran a draper business, because of the war. Although repair have been done, it still stands as it had back then. The hard time when his family lived here in probity is depicted in the story “Punpe To Yunohana (Punpe and Yunohana)”.
Our house in the apple orchid
Two of Tetsuo Miura’s sisters had committed suicide, and two of his brothers had disappeared, this and his “tainted blood” haunted him though out his life. It could be said that this land is the source of his way of thinking and creativity.


Tetsuo Miura’s house Information

Yuda Kindaichi Ninohe
Name of Office
Kindaichi Onsen Ryokan Association
Phone Number
Nearest Charger for EV
Kindaichi Onsen Center
Nearest Public Transport
Kindaichi Onsen Station bus stop (Ninohe City Bus)
Nearest Hotel
Kindaichi Hot Spring Village

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