Tendai Hot Spring

The hot spring which draws the mineral rich water from the virgin forest of Inaniwadake.

Tendai Hot Spring, named by the honorary head nun of Tendaiji, Jakucho Setouchi. It is a bathing and accommodations facility which uses “Gansyoubou”, the spring water flowing from the virgin forest of Mt. Inaniwadake. You can relax in a bath of, natural, weak alkaline spring water which contains well-balanced minerals. At meal times you can enjoy the local cuisines such as shorthorn cattle and wild plants. There are the Inaniwadake campsite and water park nearby, and is in good location to stop off after enjoying a casual drive or trekking.


Tendai Hot Spring Information

133-1 Nogurosawa Joboji-machi Ninohe
Name of Office
Tendai Hot Spring
Phone Number
10:00〜21:00 (for onsen)
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