Spring water of Gansyoubou

A legendary spring at a mystical power spot.

At the foot of the sacred Inaniwadake Mountain there are an abundance of fresh water springs everywhere. One of which is the "Gansyoubou". There is a legend which says that, once upon a time a monk was digging for gold. When he found a large amount of spring water coming out of the hole he was digging, he stopped and stacked rocks to hide it from public eyes. The spring water that flows from between the rocks, one day came to be known as "Gansyoubou". This is a training ground for the Yamabushis, and is said that a sprit dwells in the spring water. The spring water is cold throughout the year at a temperature of five to seven degrees Celsius, and is a soft water with an abundance of minerals. It is said to cure disease when drunk, and has been popular in the region. Many people visit here seeking this magical spring.


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