Himebotaru (Fireflies)

See a midsummer night's dream in the beautiful yet ephemeral lights of the fireflies.

Himebotaru inhabit Mt. Oritsumedake. Himebotaru is a type of firefly, small insects which the larvae lives in wetlands, and both the eggs and larvae emit light. The adults are 6mm long with a black body and the prothorax is a pale red. The males regularly emit light at a rate of once per second, and the smaller females which cannot fly emit light once every two or three seconds. From the hillside to the top of the mountain, through early to mid-July about a million Himebotaru can be seen flying. Which is said to be the biggest number of fireflies in Tohoku. The spectacle of these soft lights are like a midsummer night's dream. The firefly watching of Mt. Oritsumedake is scheduled to be held in mid-July every year. A bus runs from Ninohe Station.


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