Inaniwadake Campsite

Refreshing plateau walks and camping under the stars.

Inaniwadake has a gentle slope and can be climbed by anyone. Half-way up, there is a campsite equipped with administrative buildings, cooking buildings and tent sites. Nearby, there are also hot spring facilities. It is surrounded by forests of rich beeches where you can refresh in the forest. In addition, in the flower season mountain wildflowers such as Kikuzakiichige, Corydalis ambigua and Sankayou can be found. At night, if the weather is right, you can see the night sky filled with stars. Located at a convenient spot of only fifteen kilometers from Joboji IC, it is a great base of operation for casual drives or sightseeing.


Inaniwadake Campsite Information

Joboji-machi Ninohe
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Joboji General branch office Regional Division
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