Mabechigawa riverside

Kindaichi Onsen is the best parts of Mabechigawa River

Feel nature from the banks.
The Mabechigawa River starts at Kuzumaki-cho and joins the Pacific Ocean in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, meanders largely near Kindaichi Onsen where the full spectacle of nature can be seen such as the schools of fishes. Trout and ayu live in the clear spring water flowing in from Oritsumedake at the city east. Fishing with decoys of ayu is a summer tradition. In addition, using the "Hot Springs" of Kindaichi Onsen as an intermediate breeding ground for Ayu is being carried out, making half of Iwate prefecture’s ayu being born at Kindaichi Onsen. Mabechigawa River, a little spot you can’t miss.


Mabechigawa riverside Information

Kindaichi Ninohe
Name of Office
Kindaichi Onsen Ryokan Association
Phone Number
Nearest Charger for EV
Kindaichi Onsen Center
Nearest Public Transport
Kindaichi Onsen Center bus stop (JR bus Tohoku)
Nearest Hotel
Kindaichi Hot Spring Village

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