A story of tragedy and love.

The Legend of Mabechigawa River

Myojingafuchi, a deep pool, is located a little downstream from Ogamiiwa and Megamiiwa, and the legend goes like this; There was a God and a Goddess. They were betrothed to each other from a yang age. But the God had a change of heart and fell in love with Mt. Torigoe. The heart broken Goddess changed in to a large serpent and tried to kill Mt. Torigoe. However she failed and threw herself in to Myojingafuchi, becoming the lord of Mabechigawa River. The people of the village built a small shrine and worshiped her as Obuchi Daimyojin, the Goddess of rain.
Though the water of Myojingafuchi is clear, my heart never is.
A monument stands inscribed with a poem from the novel "Mabechigawa" written by Kieko Watanabe who won the Naoki Prize with this novel. It is a poem written about the tragic love of the Goddess (The above is a direct translation of the poem). What was going through her mind when she wrote the poem? The area is now developed as Basenkyo Park.


Myojingafuchi Information

Oobuchi Ishikiridokoro Ninohe
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