Inaniwadake Summit

A 360-degree panoramic view at the top of Ninohe.

Inaniwadake has an altitude of 1078m, is a part of Ou Mountains, and is the highest mountain in the Ninohe region. To the summit it takes about 45 minutes from the campsite. Because it is mostly gentle slopes, anybody can enjoy going up to the summit. A forest of beech and birch has spread next to the course through Komagata Shrine. At the summit observatory you can see: Mt. Iwate, the North Mountains, Hakkoda mountain range and Hachinohe Sea with a 360 degree panoramic view as the clear air fills your lungs. In addition, at the foot of Inaniwadake spread meadows of Takamagehara where cattle are being grazed, showing the color of each of the four seasons. Within that idyllic landscape there are three wind power generators owned by the prefecture. Forget the time, and let your mind heal and relax.


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