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Mysterious experience of Kindaichi Onsen, is it the mischief of a guardian angel?

Zashikiwarashi is a spirit in a child’s form which lives in an old house and protects the family who live in it. It causes mischief such as making small noises,...read more


Oshu Kaido

The main artery of Ninohe city center filled with mystery and romance.

Oshu Kaido is one of the highways developed by the order of Tokugawa Shogunate. Many historical people used these roads. Especially for the Meiji Emperor’s Toho...read more


Michinoku Memorial (Airinjuku)

A paradise for bikers by bikers.

"Michinoku Memorial" was built by volunteers by renovating barns of a closed down agricultural school in order to preserve and exhibit a variety of bikes. Exhib...read more


Himebotaru (Fireflies)

See a midsummer night's dream in the beautiful yet ephemeral lights of the fireflies.

Himebotaru inhabit Mt. Oritsumedake. Himebotaru is a type of firefly, small insects which the larvae lives in wetlands, and both the eggs and larvae emit light....read more


Ninohe Civic Center Tanakadate Aikitsu Memorial Science Museum

The man from Ninohe who laid the foundation for physics and aerodynamics of Japan.

Dr. Aikitsu Tanakadate is a world-renowned geophysicist and seismologist who was born in Ninohe. He left many great achievements for Japanese science in his nin...read more

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Ninohe Museum of History and Folklore

A house of learning which Inherits Ninohe’s history from our ancestors.

The history of Ninohe is long and dates back to the Jomon period. This museum’s exhibits include large number of folk materials such as, excavated goods from Ho...read more


Mabechigawa riverside

Beautiful nature, and a beautiful story to go with it.

Beholding a God and a Goddess Banks where you can enjoy the beauty of Mabechigawa River. The water is clear in this whole valley, and you can see the rich g...read more



A story of tragedy and love.

The Legend of Mabechigawa River Myojingafuchi, a deep pool, is located a little downstream from Ogamiiwa and Megamiiwa, and the legend goes like this; There ...read more


Shinzan Shrine

In the Kagura you can see the way of the old times.

Song and dance that has been passed down. Kagura (traditional Japanese dance) is very popular in Ninohe. There are eleven types of Kagura passed down from gene...read more


Cherry Field

To enjoy the views of the village

Spring brings flowers. Cherries are also made in Ninohe. There are a lot of delicious high quality cherries grown here. The cherries come after the cherry blos...read more


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