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Tetsuo Miura’s house

Where “Punpe To Yunohana (Punpe and Yunohana)” is sent in and where Tetsuo Miura lived.

Where Tetsuo Miura and his family once lived. This is Tetsuo Miura’s father’s house. Tetsuo Miura lived in this house after his family moved here from Hachinoh...read more


Danja Hill

Where Tetsuo Miura’s “Reality” and “Fiction” collide

The hill with a strange name. Danja Hill starts at the Kamemaro Shrine where Zashikiwarashi lives, crossing Nagakawa River towards Tetsuo Miura’s house. The st...read more

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Bunkyojo-kodo (Branch School Auditorium)

Where the writer Tetsuro Miura’s masterpiece is set in.

The place where fantasy was born. Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture-born writer Tetsuo Miura spent a period of time after the war in Kindaichi the birthplace of his...read more


Kamemarojinjya Shrine

Is there a Zashikiwarashi? If you want to feel its presents.

The Name is Kamemaro. In Kindaichi Onsen it is believed that there is the protective household deity “Zashikiwarashi”. The story behind it is this; In the Nor...read more

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Mabechigawa riverside

Kindaichi Onsen is the best parts of Mabechigawa River

Feel nature from the banks. The Mabechigawa River starts at Kuzumaki-cho and joins the Pacific Ocean in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, meanders largely near Ki...read more


Kindaichi Onsen Station

Here lies the entrance to the “Village of Zashikiwarashi”

The legends and scent of hot spring The entrance to Kindaichi Onsen, which inherits the tradition of "Hot Spring of Samurai" of the Nanbu clan for four hundred...read more

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Ninohe Civic Center Fukuda Shigeo Design Hall

The world class graphic designer invites you to a wondrous world

The world-famous graphic designer Mr. Shigeo Fukuda had spent his junior high school and high school days in Ninohe. Because of is the nation's only permanent e...read more

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