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Apple Field

Smell the sweet scent of apples in the wind.

After the cherries, the apples come. Apples are made in Ninohe. Apples are widely grown on the well-drained dry lands, creating the unique landscape of norther...read more


Ogamiiwa Observatory

Rugged but beautiful, the landscape in Ninohe’s heart.

The legend of Meotoiwa (The Married Rocks) The symbol of Ninohe, Ogamiiwa (God rock) and Megamiiwa (Goddess rock) of Basenkyo. In the canyon of Mabechigawa Riv...read more


Sainokami Edohigan, the cherry blossom

The Guardian of Travelers.

Pale pink petals tell the village the arrival of spring. On the way from Ninohe Station to Basenkyo at the border of Okuyama district and Kamisato district of ...read more

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Ryuganji Temple

Where the spirit of Daisaku Soma lies. The man who loved his lord and homeland too much.

An ancient temple that leaves a legend. This temple was originally close to the Iwaya Kannondo but was washed away by the flood in 1835 and was moved to the cu...read more


Iwaya Kannondo

Only once every one hundred years can you see the Kannon!

The twenty eighth hallowed ground. This Iwaya Kannondo is the twenty eighth of the "Okushu Nukanobu Sanjyusansyo Kannon Reijo", which are spread across the so...read more


Kunohe Castle Ruins

In the grass, you can see the world at war.

Castle that was called "Kunohejo". Now there is nothing, but there certainly was a drama. This castle was built as the residence of the Kunohe family between ...read more

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Tonkou Inari Shrine

Ninohe’s shrine of the “Shining Hill”

A prestigious shrine within the Kunohe Castle. This unusual name means "shining hill" in the Ainu language, it is in the Matsunomaru remains of Kunohe Castle. ...read more


Ninohe Archaeological Center

From then till now, the history of Ninohe.

A preparation before going to visit Kunohe Castle. Ninohe Archaeological Center is on the way to Kunohe Castle from Ninohe station. There are many information ...read more


JR East Ninohe Station / IGR Iwate Galaxy Railroad Ninohe Station

Only 2 hours and 44 minuets from Tokyo! You’re at Ninohe Station in a blink of an eye.

The two Ninohe Stations, the entrance to a tour of Ninohe. There are two Ninohe Stations, the Tohoku Shinkansen station of JR East and the IGR Iwate Galaxy Rai...read more


Kindaichi Onsen Center Yu-yu-yu-Raku

The Hot Spring Center which inherits the tradition of "Hot Spring of the Samurai" of the Nanbu clan for four hundred years.

It’s more casual than you think! Kindaichi Onsen. A bathing facility where you can casually enjoy the historic Kindaichi Onsen. Kindaichi Onsen’s water is hypo...read more


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